Everything was crystal clear: print out the invitation email and show it to the police on arrival; bring four passport photos; your passport and a photocopy; the attestazione di iscrizione anagrafica, any residency certificate (maybe the first one I’d got would have been passable after all) or a self certification of residency (laughable); and a postal order worth 30.46 euro paid into current account no. Following the logical advice of a journalist, I obtained the bollettino at the Sportello Amico in Florence’s main via Pellicceria post office, which is used to dealing with similar permessi di soggiorno requests. The omnipresent marca da bollo di euro 16,00 is being wavered the immigration office actually sent an email informing me not to bother bringing it..

We loved the look and the thinking behind the Audi E Tron GT when the concept car debuted at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show. With its four door coupe styling and special performance touches from Audi Sport, the E Tron GT promised to be a stunner if it adhered to the spirit of that show car. Now, Audi has fully unveiled the production version of its all electric grand touring car, and those who liked the concept ought to be pleased..

The key players in this 1,200 mile odyssey are the wildebeest 1.5million of them accompanied by 200,000 zebras. For them, every year is an endless journey, chasing the rains in a race for life. The action takes place across 150,000 square miles of woodlands, hills and open plains, a wilderness that includes not only the Serengeti national park and Kenya’s Maasai Mara game reserve but also the dispersal areas beyond..

But what if the best way to make games shorter was simply to make them shorter? Nolan Ryan and Jack Morris might be aghast at the idea of seven inning games, but teams rarely let their starters pitch into the late innings already, if they even use a starter in the first place. One of the big controversies of last year’s World Series was Kevin Cash’s decision to yank Tampa Bay starter Blake Snell in the sixth inning of what turned out to be the deciding game, but meanwhile Snell hadn’t pitched past the seventh at all in 2019 or 2020. He hasn’t pitched past the eighth inning in his career, even when winning the Cy Young in 2018..

Do you openly discuss things as politics, religion or economy? Here in Argentina you kind off openly discuss it, or at least you word it (of course, in casual situations). It great with asados. We usually call it “ensalada rusa” (Russian salad). The Greeting Committee from Kansas City introduced a new school emo indie sound, and brought as many shining moments to the concert as the headliners did. Addie Sartino, the petite lead singer dressed in a purple and teal 80s jumpsuit, jumped around onstage for the entirety of the band hour long set. She danced and sang and whipped her hair around like she was in her bedroom singing into her hairbrush and no one was watching, and at the same time, she obviously loved connecting with the crowd..

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