Singing or speaking loudly is thought to be particularly risky, because it extends your ‘breath range’ the distance you expel droplets in your breath. Hunter says the main risk from droplet transmission comes from “indoor, crowded environments, where people don socially distance. And if they’re singing, then that increases the risk as well.” Airborne transmission Whilst scientists agree that you can easily catch coronavirus from larger cough droplets exchanged at close range with an infected person, a far more controversial question is whether you can catch the virus from tiny, airborne particles, known as aerosols.

Tamara Farquhar posted an efficient afternoon on the offensive end. In a little over 24 minutes of action, the senior went 7 for 7 from the field and 2 of 2 at the line to post a team high 16 points. Farquhar also dished out four assists and pulled down three rebounds..

If you didn’t believe the “big lie” or QAnon, it may be tempting to assume you’re immune to the misinformation that we encounter every day online. You might think you’re smarter or savvier, but by their very nature digital town squares like Facebook and Twitter are built to bend and distort our reality. Algorithms cater to delivering the information and engagement we crave while reinforcing our penchant for lingering on negative emotions.

Shakira excite les curiosits avec son nouveau single, dont le clip vient d tourn sous la direction de Joseph Khan. Trs attendu, ce titre pourrait bien avoir t enregistr avec l des chanteuses les plus en vue actuellement. Aprs Pitbull, Beyonc et Wyclef Jean, Rihanna s’ajouterait la liste des collaborations de la Colombienne !.

Near impossible head counts with each group practically sitting on each others laps. No room to move to another caucus even if you wished to do so. People facilitating had no idea if people in non viable groups were obligated to only transfer votes to a viable candidate or if they could assimilate to form a viable group.

Today we learned it may be 50% harder in to attain a decent standard of living, compared to the rest of the UK, because of the high transport, childcare and housing costs.We’re braced to expect a national rail strike with disruption likely on Monday and Tuesday next week, and Keith Clark has shown us how to make your point in cross stitch when complaining to your bank, for example.That’s all from me today. Beth Rose will be back on Live at 08:00 tomorrow with all the latest news, sport and travel for . Have a good evening.Olympic sprinter son ordered to do community serviceOlympic sprinter Linford Christie’s estranged son has been ordered to do 150 hours of supervised community service after pleading guilty to possession of class A drugs.Liam Linford Oliver Christie was found with the drugs at his home in September 2014, Isleworth Crown Court heard yesterday.Oliver Christie, 29, of Exhibition Close, in the Shepherd’s Bush area, was given a two month jail sentence, suspended for 12 months and ordered to pay 200 court costs.Surveyor accepts damages for false paedophile libelChartered surveyor Ian Phipps has accepted substantial libel damages after a “toxic” internet campaign that falsely claimed he was a convicted paedophile and rapist.Mr Phipps runs a company in west and brought the action at ‘s High Court against Paul Britton, managing director of Origin Design Ltd.The pair fell out following a work related payment dispute.

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